Non-Traditional Instructional Day

Burgin Independent Schools is fortunate to have been selected to participate in a Non-Traditional Instructional Day waiver. Please read this NTI Day 2018-2019 Instruction Sheet

This means the district is eligible to designate 10 days as NTI Days during the 2018-19 school year. An NTI Day can be used at the superintendent's discretion to accommodate for any unforeseen circumstance, such as inclement weather, excessive illness, or some other emergency that causes a cancellation of a regularly scheduled school day.

Our teachers will use digital and hard-copy formats to make content and assignments available to students on NTI Days. Each teacher will determine what platform is best for delivery of NTI content and assignments. Your child(ren)'s teacher(s) will communicate with you regarding what a NTI Day will look like for their class(es). Below is some general information and expectations for students on a NTI Day.

How will parents/students be notified of NTI Days?

Burgin Independent Schools will use all the methods for communicating a NTI Day that are currently used to communicate a school day cancellation - including television news, online "school closings" websites, one-call, and social media.

How much time will students spend doing assignments on NTI Days?

Students will be expected to spend 3 to 4 hours doing school work on NTI Days.

Will all of the assignments be online?

Each school/teacher will be able to choose what is best for their students. Some schools/teachers will use an online delivery system, and others may choose to use hard-copy packets. For those using hard copy packets, they will be sent home earlier in the school year, in anticipation of NTI days. The packets are color-coded to match the NTI day.

2018-2019 NTI Day Packets:

Day 1: Yellow Day 2: Coral Day 3: Green Day 4: Blue Day 5: Red

Will students be required to return their work the next day?

Students will be asked to complete and submit their work to their teacher within 5 school days from the date of return to school following a NTI Day.

How will student work and participation on NTI Days be monitored?

Teachers will be required to enter NTI Day assignments in Infinite Campus and assign a grade for the work completed.

What will happen if I don't understand the assignment or if I need help?

Teachers will be required to be available for student/parent questions during a NTI Day. Being available could be via the Internet or telephone. Teachers will communicate that information prior to a NTI Day. Students may send a remind message, dojo message, or email to their teacher, or a message can be left for the teacher with the school secretary.